Synopsis / Overview

Teach students how to analyze marketing data, evaluate a marketing strategy quantitatively, and quantify the value of a business proposition to a customer.

The identification of a target market and the definition of the product, price, promotion, and placement to serve that target market profitably requires both qualitative and quantitative skills. While most undergraduate students are able to master the qualitative aspects of marketing through their normal coursework, we have noticed that many students struggle greatly with the quantitative analysis of marketing data.

To address students' challenges in quantitative marketing, we wrote Workbook of Quantitative Tools and Techniques in Marketing and are using it in our courses. The workbook walks students through the process of plotting data, analyzing data, identifying market segments, calculating the revenue and profit opportunities within those segments, and selecting the most valuable market segment. The workbook also walks students through the process of quantifying the value of a product or service to a customer to support business market sales. Instructors using this workbook are able to assign progressive forms of quantitative analysis, monitor student progress, and ensure students are capable of conducting a quantitative analysis of marketing data.

At DePaul University, we have noticed students completing this workbook were measurably better prepared to execute market research, quantify the value of an offer for a customer, and formulate a solid marketing strategy for a firm.

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