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Pricing Strategy

Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy

5 Day Intensive Executive Education

16-20 November
Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
Chicago, Illinois, USA


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Pricing Strategy

Wiglaf Big Idea Show

with Tim J. Smith, PhD

Thursday, 27 August
11 am - 12 am Chicago Time
Wiglaf Big Idea Show via WebEx

Current Events and Pricing Theory

Register at wiglafpricingevents.webex.com

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PPS Sao Paulo

PPS 2nd Annual Latin America Pricing Workshops & Conference Presents

How to Manage Discounts

Quantitative Methods in Discount Management

16 September, 2015
Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel
São Paulo, Brazil

Research shows that a 1% improvement in price yields a 10-12% improvement in profits, but where can we find the low-hanging fruit of a 1% price improvement:  usually in discount management. 

Immediately after the moment when prices have been set, executives are faced with the challenge of discounting.  Discount decisions can chew up more resources and cause more organizational strife than any other pricing decision.  While some executives would like to eliminate all discounts, discounting is a form of price segmentation and can actually improve profitability when properly managed.  Yet, without proper management and oversight, discounts will spread like a virus infecting every transaction and wreak havoc on profits. 
In this workshop, we will look at the three commonly used tools for analyzing firm-specific discounting practices, and the four commonly used tools executives have to restrain them.  We will also use economic models to show the value of discounting and the influences of Prospect Theory and Competition on discounting policy.

Delegates will be required to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel for this workshop.  This workshop consists of in-class exercises applying quantitative approaches to monitoring discounts, enabling participants to apply these techniques to the datasets of their own companies.

Delegates will learn:

  • How discounting can simultaneously lower market entrance prices, increase volumes, and improve profitability
  • Quantitative methods for measuring and monitoring discounting policy
  • Quantitative and managerial tools for restraining discounts
  • Implications of Prospect Theory and the Nash Equilibrium on discounting policy

Speaker:  Tim J. Smith, PhD is the founder and and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at DePaul University, Academic Advisor to the PPS CPP program, and the author of Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structures.

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PPS San Fran

PPS 26th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference presents

Pricing and Corporate Strategy

The Pricing Decision Framework Proven Successful by the World’s Most Profitable Companies for Getting Pricing Done Right

20 October, 2015
The Palace Hotel
San Francisco, California, USA

Pricing challenges and decisions arise early and often. List prices, discounting, new product development, account management, and international variations are just a short list of key pricing challenges facing modern corporations. How should a corporation manage the pricing function?

In this workshop, Tim J. Smith, Ph.D., CPP, will share how leading firms are integrating different pricing and price management techniques throughout the corporation to maximize both growth and profitability.

We will examine approaches for managing prices in highly competitive business markets. This workshop applies concepts from the fields of economics, consumer behavior, business selling, product lifecycles, and competitive dynamics in order to provide executives with a well-rounded view of pricing in business markets. Executives attending this course will be able to identify routes to improve their pricing practices and avoid traps leading to pricing disasters.

The workshop will conclude with a framework for managing pricing in a modern corporation developed through both academic research and executive interviews and proven by some of the world’s most profitable and growth oriented firms.

Delegates will learn:

  • The nature of a good price
  • The impact of price concessions on profitability
  • How to connect product development to pricing decisions
  • How to connect customer account development to pricing decisions
  • How to connect international contingencies to pricing decisions
  • A proven framework for integrating pricing into strategic corporate development
  • Pricing and Corporate Strategy

Speaker:  Tim J. Smith, PhD is the founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at DePaul University, Academic Advisor to the PPS CPP program, and the author of Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structur

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PPS 11th Annual European & Global Pricing Workshops & Conference

02 – 04 December 2015
Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join Tim J. Smith, PhD at PPS Amsterdam 2015.  He will deliver a one-day workshop.  Help us select which one by email tsmith@wiglafpricing.com with your top pick.  (Must plan to attend to vote): 

  • How to Price
  • How to Manage Discounts
  • Pricing Psychology
  • Unit, Tiered, and Bundled Pricing
  • Pricing and Sales Strategy
  • Pricing and Corporate Strategy


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1871 Workshop presents

Pricing Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

14 December 2015
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, 12th Floor
Chicago, IL


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Wiglaf Pricing

Beowulf Professionals Like
Wiglaf Pricing

“Really enjoyed your high octane presentation: it makes pricing interesting & relevant.”

Armin Kakas
Revenue Management
MillerCoors LLC

“Very engaging & thought provoking. The practical & real world cases that you brought up to explain some of the concepts, made things very easy to understand.”

Karthik P
Genpact Analytics

Wiglaf Pricing helps us create compelling arguments for philosophical change to old-school pricing strategies.  We enjoy learning new ideas with Wiglaf’s unique, dynamic storytelling approach!

Deborah Prickette
Director, Global Strategic Planning & Pricing
Emerson Process Management

Highly engaging and entertaining as they cover strategic issues in pricing.  Nice work also in drawing lessons from history applicable to the issues being discussed…”

John Suparman
Value Proposition
PPG Fiber Glass

“Excellent presentation. Good practical advice for managing price effectively.”

Calin Costian
Product Strategy & Pricing

“Thank you for your insightful session on a different perspective to pricing. Your presentation went through a complex topic yet was easy to understand. “

Prasadkumar Dethe
Program Manager, India

"Thorough and thought-provoking … an academic review of the latest findings in the pricing science; [yet] still they remain highly actionable and very relevant for the business life."

Roberto Bedotto
Pricing Director
Carrier HVAC

"Your presentations cover relevant and practical topics, with practical illustrations to bring your messages to life in an entertaining and engaging way."

Helen Taylor
Senior Global Pricing Manager
Sony Ericsson

"Thank you for another excellent presentation. As is typical of your style, your presentations are heavy on actionable ideas ..."

Shawn McNeil
Pricing Manager
Masco Retail Cabinet Group

“Provocative and relatively sophisticated
compared to a lot of Pricing discussions.”

Wesley Woolbright
Director, Corporate Pricing
Safeway Inc.

“Not only do you learn to fish, you learn to price the fish for the maximum profit.”

John Yoo
Commercial Finance Manager
Crown Bolt, LLC


Pricing Strategy Book Release

Pricing Strategy Book Release party photos

From Sunday, January 9, 2011, Buckingham Athletic Club,
Chicago, USA


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