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Wiglaf Pricing Executive Education presents

Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy

Learn how to address your pricing challenges using academically proven and industry accepted best practices.  Choose between Value Based Pricing, Price Discounting and Variance Management, Pricing Psychology, Price Structures and Segmentation, and Pricing and Corporate Strategy, or choose them all.  Tim J. Smith, PhD, founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing and Adjunct Professor at DePaul will provide executive education courses during the Wiglaf Pricing Executive Education Days.  All courses are eligible for CPP credit and can be taken alone or in combination with any other course.

November 16-20, 2015
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Wiglaf Pricing provides speakers on price leadership for keynote addresses and corporate training. 

MOON 2015

One-Sheet Overview of Price Training Courses

Pricing Strategy Glossary of Terms


Choose from one of our standard pricing courses or have a pricing course customized to meet your strategic corporate goals. Example courses include: 

  • Advanced Quantitative Methods in Discount & Price Variance Management
  • Psychological Influences to Price Acceptance
  • 12 Case Studies in Pricing
  • Pricing Excellence in Business Markets: Making Value the Center of Your Pricing Initiative
  • Price Management: Identify the Value, Manage the Perception of Value & Capture the Value

Each Wiglaf Pricing course is designed to be interactive.  Some contain in-depth exercises.  Others rely on classroom discussion.  All contain case studies.
Workshop attendees receive a digital workbook with a complete set of slides and exercises. 



Keynote and breakout sessions on pricing strategy provided by Tim J. Smith, PhD - Managing Principal of Wiglaf Pricing - can be arranged.  Following a discussion regarding the pricing issue you desire to have addressed, a custom presentation is delivered.  Baseline topics include:
  • Pricing Strategy: What’s In It for Me?
  • Pricing and Value Exchange: How to Get Prices Right
  • Price Variances & Profit: Making Pricing Decisions Reliably and Transparently
  • Discount Management in Business Markets
  • Promotional Pricing in Consumer Markets
  • Customer Perception-Driven Pricing
  • Prospect Theory



Online Courses hosted with the Professional Pricing Society

Influencing Customer Price Acceptance

Quantitative Methods in Discount Management

Bundling’s Impact on Profits

Decisions in Add-on and Versioning Price Structures

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