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Training / Speaking

Value Based Pricing and Corporarte Strategy

5 Day Intensive Executive Education with
Tim J. Smith, PhD
November 16-20, 2015

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Wiglaf Pricing provides speakers on price leadership for keynote addresses and corporate training. 

MOON 2015

One-Sheet Overview of Price Training Courses

Pricing Strategy Glossary of Terms


Choose from one of our standard pricing courses or have a pricing course customized to meet your strategic corporate goals. Example courses include: 

  • Advanced Quantitative Methods in Discount & Price Variance Management
  • Psychological Influences to Price Acceptance
  • 12 Case Studies in Pricing
  • Pricing Excellence in Business Markets: Making Value the Center of Your Pricing Initiative
  • Price Management: Identify the Value, Manage the Perception of Value, & Capture the Value

Each Wiglaf Pricing course is designed to be interactive.  Some contain in-depth exercises.  Others rely on classroom discussion.  All contain case studies.
Workshop attendees receive a digital workbook with a complete set of slides and exercises. 



Keynote and breakout sessions on pricing strategy provided by Tim J. Smith, PhD - Managing Principal of Wiglaf Pricing - can be arranged.  Following a discussion regarding the pricing issue you desire to have addressed, a custom presentation is delivered.  Baseline topics include:
  • Pricing Strategy: What’s In It for Me?
  • Pricing and Value Exchange: How to Get Prices Right
  • Price Variances & Profit: Making Pricing Decisions Reliably and Transparently
  • Discount Management in Business Markets
  • Promotional Pricing in Consumer Markets
  • Customer Perception-Driven Pricing
  • Prospect Theory



Online Courses hosted with the Professional Pricing Society

Influencing Customer Price Acceptance

Quantitative Methods in Discount Management

Bundling’s Impact on Profits

Decisions in Add-on and Versioning Price Structures

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